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Tunnel oven with iron chassis and stainless steel frame has 3 zones with a width of 1 meter and a length of 36 meters. The production capacity of this oven is 700 to 1200 kg/h for the layer cake production line and 900 to 1300 kg/h for the biscuit production line with 4 zones with a width of 1.20 meters and a length of 38 meters. this machine in the cupcake production line with a width of 1.70 meters and a length of 38 meters, has the ability to bake 800 to 1300 kg/h The tunnel oven in the cookie production line has 6 zones, 1 meter wide and 57 meters long, and has a baking capacity of 600 to 1300 kg/h. 
with the addition of each zone, the length of the machine increases by 11 meters.